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Our Team

Many of our crew members have been trained in the U.S.
for their technical skills and worked in countless Japanese commercial and film productions.


We have a team of skilled and experienced grips. Based on what our clients desire, they will suggest and provide appropriate camera support platforms such as cranes, dollies, and remote camera heads. These experienced men will perform superbly in the most challenging situations whether it being a studio shoot that requires precision or an exterior shoot that presents harsh working conditions.

Camera operators

We have a group of skilled camera operators for highly specialized applications such as aerial cinematography and Steadicam. They have been trained under Hollywood industry veterans, and will provide quality performances.


We have a pair of talented cinematographers with diverse cultural backgrounds. Leonardo Kawabe is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Japanese. Scott Koji Ishida grew up in the U.S. and is fluent in both English and Japanese.

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